18 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Collect User Generated Content via Video

Just 5 video reviews increase the purchase probability by 270% or more!

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April 18, 2021

Customer reviews are incredibly important, especially for buyers.

66% of buyers say that reviews significantly impacted their final purchase decision. If you don’t have any user reviews, how can those buyers make the right decision for their business?

Some vendors have seen a lot of success in a short amount of time when collecting video reviews, but it’s still a difficult task to figure out the best way to reach your customers and encourage them to leave a video review. There just isn’t a master list of video reviews collection ideas or strategies out there to inspire your marketing team…until now!

Just 5 video reviews increase the purchase probability by 270% or more!

1. Email Blast

You have customers, right? You have their email addresses, right? So send them a simple email asking for a video review! Just simply copy and paste the email or SMS ready template or direct link for your customers to start recording in seconds.

You can send this email to all of your customers or a specific subset of them. This is a great way to remind customers of the great experience they have had with your product. Though negative video feedback aren’t a bad thing – 52% of users say they actually trust a product more with a few negative reviews – if you’re just starting to collect video reviews, your best customers are the ones more likely to actually respond to your request.

2. Email Newsletter

If you don’t want to do a one-time email blast, consider adding a video review call-to-action in your customer newsletter. Whether you send it weekly, monthly, or quarterly, it provides a constant reminder for your customers that you appreciate their feedback and want them to share it with other potential users.  

3. New Customer Nurture

Use your marketing automation software to create an email nurture program to welcome new customers to your product. Use the program to set them up for success with your product, and then ask them to leave a video review after a certain amount of time using the software has passed. Even if you don’t have a customer nurture program, send a one-off email to new customers after they’ve been with you for a while to check in and see if they’d be willing to share their experience by doing a video review or testimonial.  

I would recommend giving  and remind them to leave a video review with every engagement but for some it will take at least three to six months with your product before sending a video review in, so they’ve had sufficient time to understand the strengths (and weaknesses) of the system and can properly review and recommend it to potential buyers.

4. Within Your Software System

Every day your customers are using your product, so consider asking for product video reviews somewhere within the actual system! Put a CTA on the login page, so they see it before doing anything else. If your product has a main dashboard, place it on that page, but don’t interfere too much with the actual usability of the system. Or, if you don’t want to constantly disturb your customers with the same CTA, have it pop up temporarily every few months. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch them on a day when they want to share their experience with others!

5. Twitter

Social media is a fantastic way to reach your customers.

Use Twitter to promote the current video reviews of your product, as well as to tweet a direct link to recored a video review, making it that much easier for your users to complete the action. You can also share videos review quotes from some of your biggest fans, which then promotes the company that uses your software, products, and services too.  

6. Facebook

Try the same strategy on Facebook: post a link to your video invite and ask people to leave a video review. Again, since they “like” you on Facebook, they’re more likely to want to leave a video review. I would also recommend including some type of image with your post, so it will stand out more on your followers’ newsfeeds.  

7. LinkedIn

Since it’s a social network of professionals, LinkedIn is one of the best places to reach your customers when they’re actually in a business mindset. Post updates about real customer video reviews you’re receiving and encourage those who haven’t done so to review your software with video. More than likely, they were just using your products, so it is a great opportunity to remind them to share their thoughts with others.  

8. Other Social Media Channels

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are definitely the big three when it comes to B2B software social media, but if your users are more engaged on other social channels, don’t ignore them! If the majority of your customers are on Instagram or Pinterest, post your video reviews promotions there. But don’t just start a new social account just to collect reviews. If your audience isn’t there, don’t waste your time and effort on a social media channel that won’t perform.  

9. User Events and Conferences

If you host a user conference for your company, this is the ideal place to collect a ton of video reviews in a short amount of time. Where else can you get your customers all in one place, fully engaged with your company and products?

Set up invite links specifically for collecting reviews on these event settings; have some of your employees wander around the conference always loaded and ready to go with the invite's email, SMS, and direct link ; include a CTA in your follow-up email after the event encouraging attendees to leave a video review of your software, products, and services. These people are here because they use your products and want to learn more about it. Make sure you offer them the opportunity to express their feelings in a video review.

10. Incentivize Reviewers

43% of users will leave a video review in exchange for some type of gift or reward. I know I would do just about anything for Starbucks coffee!

Offer your customers a gift card to their favorite store or fast casual Mexican restaurant; send them some company swag; you can even offer a discount on their current software subscription or a premium add-on for their account. Use whatever kind of incentive works best to get your customers to leave video reviews.  

11. Incentivize Employees

Turn the incentive idea around and focus on your employees! Encourage your loyal workers, especially the ones who are customer-facing, to collect video reviews from the users they interact with every day. Structure it in a way that makes sense for company and team goals, but give out prizes and rewards based on those goals, like you would with sales commissions.

For example, the client success manager whose clients have the most overall reviews wins tickets to a local sporting event. Or, to keep the whole company engaged, the winner gets to choose where the next company happy hour takes place! Just like user incentives, reward your employees with gifts or experiences they actually want and would work towards.

12. Run a Contest

Related to the incentives idea, consider holding a contest solely focused on collecting video reviews. We do a March Madness-themed contest every year, but your contests can be built around anything that would pump up your customers and encourage them to leave video feedback, reviews, testimonials, etc.

Is summer a slow month for sales? Instead of wasting time on prospects you can’t reach at the beach, focus on the customers you already acquired by asking them to leave their video reviews or experiences in a summer-themed contest. Or, instead of pushing for more revenue to reach end-of-year goals, get in the holiday spirit by offering to donate a certain amount to charity for every video review collected. Combining the urgency of a deadline with the fun of a contest theme means you’ll collect more reviews during a short period of time.  

13. Customer Phone Call

More than likely, you’ve talked to at least some of your customers on the phone. If you’ve had a productive call with a lot of great feedback, ask them to leave a video review. I also recommend sending a follow-up email with our easy ready templates for leaving a video review, to remind them of the recent interaction and provide an easy way for them to actually leave a video review.

14. Product Support Interaction

Just like your client success team, your support team also has a lot of interactions with customers, from fixing bugs or assisting with complicated technical questions. Again, if your product support team has a productive call with a customer, they should also request a video feedback or review.

15. Email Signature

Do you email your customers? Even if it’s not every day, at some point during the customer’s lifetime with your software company they’ve received an email from someone within your company. An easy, automatic way to keep reviews top of mind, even if they’re not the topic of the email conversation, is to always include a link in your email signature to your company's video review invite.

16. Write a Blog Post

Believe me, during my entire career I know a thing or two about getting thousands of reviews a year. Take a page out of my personal playbook and do the same on your blog! Highlight some of your best customers by featuring their video reviews and how they’ve used your software and services to achieve their company goals. Not only will you promote your products, but you’ll give your customers some free promotion as well, and they’ll love you even more for it!

17. Promote Reviews on Your Website

Repurpose some of you best video reviews as testimonials on your website. Trust elements are key to converting web visitors into leads, as 70% of web visitors will look for product reviews before making a purchase. Capture video reviews so you have to show these potential customers that your current customers love your product and recommend it to others.

18. Add a Dedicated Testimonial or Reviews Page on Your Website

An outstanding trust element, publish all of your promoting customer's video reviews and testimonials on your website, which links right to the list of your product’s reviews. So not only do you have a video that proves your products are well-reviewed, so potential new users can see exactly what people think about your products, software, and services.

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